Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The one with Facebook

I added the 'Compare People' function on Facebook the other day and I have to agree with one of my friends there that the application, wherein you compare two friends and determine which is, for example, the more famous, the better marriage prospect or indeed which you'd prefer to be handcuffed to, can be thought of as a 'bit moldy'. And yet, it's quite compelling in its own way. But it reminded me today of that episode of Friends where Ross decides that sleeping with people other than Rachel would be ok as long as they were famous and on a predetermined list of five celebrities. Rachel of course takes it all as a bit of a joke, and Ross naturally takes it extremely seriously and spends the episode agonising over who should be on his approved for sleeping with list.

And so to Facebook where today I was confronted with two of my female Facebook Friends and asked the rather awkward 'who would you rather sleep with' question (answer guaranteed as anonymous thankfully). So that's been my task for this afternoon ... trying to decide.

As the starting point for a new project, yesterday I wrote to a genuine legend of broadcasting. And on that note ...


Louise said...

Ha! You're no longer anonymous!
I read your blog, but I've disabled
the Compare People application
on Facebook because it was,
as you say, "too moldy." So I guess
I'll never know your answer as
to whether it will be Phoebe or
Rachel.... However, while you were
unawares and I temporarily was
in Human Pet realm, I bought you
for fifty bucks and gave you to Simon's
daughter, then escaped... guess I owe
you a virtual beer... but the question
of the day is, are you doping on
Scrabble with that Anagram engine
I forwarded to you? If so, let me know
so I may go back to cheating...

Hey, just visited Alan Davey's site
and read your interview... nicely
done. You are a busy beaver, Ian.
And on that note, I should go back
to working on lyrics.

Hm... lyrics or Scrabble... well, guess
it's lyrics since Facebook Scrabble
is experiencing technical difficulties.

See ya!

Anonymous said...

crazy guy!