Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Answer ...

Found on E-Bay today. The answer to the question I posed here, is, as a kindly but anonymous commenter suggested (and as I sort of suspected from seeing the first issue on Lew Stringer's blog a few months back) Target. A case of remembering the paper (a mix of strips and articles ... and free Sea Monkeys in the first edition) but not recalling the name for the life of me!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

3 G&Ts and E-Bay

Very dangerous place, E-Bay. Traps and temptations lurk for the unsuspecting and the unaware. Wistful nostalgia is rewarded with second-hand hand-me-downs of objects once cherished and long since lost or abandoned, not needed then and almost certainly not required now ... but nice to own once again to remind of past fondnesses and happy times. Then there is the 'Three Gin & Tonics' moments when the finger is trigger happy and in that warm alcohol haze the click of the mouse is that little bit easier, and that paypal account balance just a touch smaller.

I bid on a little sportscar last week - a Mazda MX-6. Didn't find the reserve for it mind and suspect I wasn't even close, though the bidding ended with me as the highest but without a sale being made. I loved that little car, just for those couple of days. It's listed again now, same opening bid and no doubt similar reserve. I'll watch it and see how it goes but temptation will be resisted.

Other wins:

A two volume biography of Edgar Rice Burroughs for £0.99 plus postage. Justifiable, who knows, I might want to write something on Burroughs myself one day.

A live Hall & Oates CD, recorded in the late 70s so around the time of X-Static I guess. Looks like it might be a bootleg of a radio show. $0.01, can't go wrong really.

Collector's Dream fanzine issue three. Marvel Comics Continuity Issue. Had this years ago, great articles. $3.50, really, a G&T moment (there's a pun in there, but it's really obsure - any takers?). I didn't need this, to be honest.

The issues I've missed so far of Newuniversal by Warren Ellis. This looks really good and I've now got issues 1-5 and just need to find some time to go through them.

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Master of Adventure by Richard Lupoff. Ace edition, nice condition. Think it was about 99p, reason for buying ... see above!

Alan Moore's League of Extraordinairy Gentleman TP. Think it was about £8. Bit disappointed actually. Expected it to be much better than the film, and it was. Expected it to be much better in general though, and it wasn't quite.

Nebula Award Stories 10. Had this, years ago. Wanted it again for 'After King Kong Fell' by Philip Jose Farmer. Won't get around to reading it. Shouldn't have bid. £0.99 again.

Massive collection of Kitchen Sink Spirit reprints. Quality comics by a giant of the industry. Hope I'll read them. One day. Was cheap though.

Freewheelers Season Six DVD. Bootleg. Sssssh.