Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bass Guitar Magazine

Latest issue of Bass Guitar Magazine includes an interview I did with Alan Davey a few months back. Really pleased with how this one has come out - it's one and a half pages, about 1,000 words. Covers his experiences of joining an established band at a young age, solo work and rickenbackers.

I've also this week finished up captioning some photographs for an extensive Hawkwind feature that should be appearing in Record Collector over the next couple of months.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Several Updates in Search of a Thread

OK, conversion to SAP at work and due dilligence on sale of another part of the business leaves me out of breath and barely finding time to write let alone blog. So, a few very quick updates to keep things alive and kicking here!

Update! Terrific review of Strange Boat in Record Collector this month. I am 'bang-up' biographer apparently! Of course, it's a bit like 'pants' ... I never know whether 'pants' is good or bad. It's a generation thing. But a fab review and I'm really thrilled with it. At the same time, our local paper, The West Briton, devoted a quarter page to the book (and it's author!). Lovely.

Talking about whether 'pants' is good or bad, I do recall being in St Ives one summer evening waiting for someone, when an open top car with an American tourist stopped. 'Sir, you're pants', he said. I'm stratching my head. Is that good or bad? And why does he want to tell me either way? I manage a small smile. 'Sir, you're pants' ... again. Ah, 'Sir, your pants'. My trousers have indeed been dive-bombed by a local seagull.

Update! I spent a highly enjoyable twenty minutes on a trans-atlantic phone call to Wayne Kramer of MC5 a couple of weeks back ... talking counter-culture and politics for a Q&A to go with a review of John Sinclair's Guitar Army, recently reissued as a 35th Anniversary edition. Wayne's an easy to talk to, no pretensions sort of chap and the call was highly enjoyable and quote worthy. Great stuff.

Update! Shot up to Bristol last month for the annual Comics Expo event, which mainly entailed loitering in the bar with my old mate Paul Cornell and talking comics and Doctor Who. Paul's episodes of the 3rd series of Who, 'Human Nature' and 'Family of Blood' have just been broadcast and qualify as two of the very best episodes of the show ... ever. Just thought I'd name drop next year's sure-fire Hugo award winner!

Update! Just received a few promo discs of interest. Black Widow Records, from Italy, kindly sent me review copies of their latest prog/goth releases. Taro Pede in Magiam Versus by Jacula I'll be covering in Record Collector very soon. I'm also looking to place commentary on their other discs Re-Animaton, an HP Lovecraft concept thing by Paul Roland, by Areknames and Love Hate Round Trip and Witchflower by Wicked Minds. I'm also currently working on a potential review of Yesterday I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers by Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom (4ZeroRecords). This weekend, my SpaceRockReviews blog should be updated with EMI's remaster of Space Ritual and the fantastic new Litmus album Planetfall, as well as the Mushroom disc I think. Meantime, check out Record Collector for my reviews of a Strawbs CD reissue and the ABWH/Yes DVD from Voiceprint Records.