Sunday, April 20, 2008

Steve Gerber, London,

Can't believe its been three months since I last updated this blog!

Things have been particularly hectic with first a family trip to London for a few days and then a worrying time over last the last few weeks with Dad in hospital for a major heart operation that has seen me driving to and from Plymouth on a regular basis. He's doing fine and has arrived home now, but his discharge from hospital was a protracted affair and gave us all cause for concern even though the operation itself went well.

London was, of course, a much happier few days - the first time the boys have been there. We went specifically for the King Tut exhibition, which was just marvellous, but also managed to cram in their first proper theatre visit (to see the excellent Wicked), their long awaited visit to the Natural History Museum and many of the principle London landmarks. They were pretty blown away with their visit but it's interesting to see the different perspective they have to it. The first time I went to London I was just a little older than they are at the moment and yet the noise and traffic I found most unnerving - they took it all in their stride and weren't fazed whatsoever by it.

In the meantime and back to business! The Independent last week published my obituary of Marvel Comics writer Steve Gerber, creator of 'Howard the Duck'. I loved his run on The Defenders and was really pleased to have been allowed this small summation of his career which is on-line here.

My good friend Bridget Wishart now has an on-line website promoting the release of her collaboration with Don Falcone and Spirits Burning, Earth Born. Loads of good stuff there, plenty of photos of the multitude of contributors to this excellent CD and detailed notes on the recording of each track. Well worth visiting!

A big cheer for Alan Davey's lastest project, the revival of one of his earliest Bands, Gunslinger, and the release of their debut album Earthquake In E Minor. I'll hopefully be reviewing this for one of the glossy music press in the next few weeks (and was delighted with an acknowledgement in the liner notes); the band's Myspace page can be found here. Gunslinger have plenty of live dates over the next few months, I'll probably be going to their Tavistock date on 23rd May.

Plenty of other stuff going on including the planned article on Darts, a Space Rock collectables feature which is nearly finished and the on-going Festivals book which contracts have recently been signed on and which will be appearing in the spring of 2009.