Friday, April 06, 2007

Strange Boat Now On Sale

Three cartons of books arrived on Wednesday containing copies of Strange Boat - Mike Scott & The Waterboys and so this weekend is at least partly dedicated to parcelling up complimentary copies and purchases from my own on-line sale of the book which can be found on the Ian @ Ebay sidebar link.

SAF have done their usual terrific job on presentation, a really well presented trade paperback edition that looks a substantial package for the £12.99 price point - I'm delighted with the work they've done on this. They also have it available on their new website with a nice introductory discount applicable to all their catalogue.

It's been over two years since the publication of Sonic Assassins, so whilst I'm pleased to have moved on from having just one book published (once is a nice fluke, but surely twice is the modest start of a career!). I'm very conscious that I must get another placed and in progress early, with a target of having two on contract before the year is over.

People who know me, know that change is afoot in the 9-5 life with, shall we say, a more flexible lifestyle looming and so it's the perfect opportunity to stretch my creative legs and get projects circulating and underway. I'm particularly enthusiastic about the Festivals book being planned with Bridget Wishart, as we've got some great pledges of cooperation on this one and the proposal for it looks good.

I've also very much enjoyed recent work on the PR front with Alan Davey, publicising his new CD and writing his press release - there's an area where I'd like to do more work and I'll be seeking out record labels that might subcontract copywriting to freelancers and working hard to develop this area of writing.

Exciting times ahead, I predict!

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