Saturday, March 03, 2007

'This is the Sea' BBC Radio Scotland

Little bit of advance warning on this, but I'm featured on BBC Radio Scotland on 15th March at 11.30am (I think that's the correct time but will post again nearer the time) for their series on 'Classic Scottish Albums'. They're featuring the Waterboys 'This is the Sea', which I did an interview for towards the end of last year. Preview disc arrived today and I'm delighted to find that, contary to expectation, not only are my contributions included, but they've worked some sort of wizardry to make me sound sane and human! Actually it's a good little documentary, with a lot of commentary from Mike Scott on the recording of the album and his influences at the time.This will be available via the Internet and the BBC's 'Listen Again' service so I'll post around some links nearer the time.

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