Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here we go, two, three, four ...

It's a case of trying to break the writer's block really. I'm a freelance writer. Well, I'm not really, I'm a nine-to-five man in a suit (or was, before casual Friday became casual everyday) but I at least play at being a writer as well.

I'm the author of a biography of space-rockers Hawkwind (Hawkwind:Sonic Assassins), a contributor to Record Collector magazine and am currently at work on a book on Celtic Folk Rockers The Waterboys (title T.B.A. as they say, though Bring 'Em All In is at the very least the working title). I also write for Credit Today and Commercial Credit Risk! Not very rock 'n' roll, right? And there again, having written on Hawkwind I live the quiet life in Cornwall with my wife, three children, various frogs, fish and geckos - and a pedigree dog that has never been to a muddy festival, tied on the end of a string. Not very Hawkwind, right?

I've started this blog to have something to plonk at when all else is failing, a sort of reserve cure for writer's block. Somedays its great, some days its swimming through treacle. Its been a bit treacleish lately, but at least a pastry coloured crusty shore-line is looming! That's what used to get called in the mighty world of Marvel Comics a 'dreaded deadline doom' I think! Hopefully it'll be more productive in the uninspired downtime than that umpteenth check of the favourite websites or the fiddling around with the Sportsdaq Stock Exchange on the BBC's website which I started trading on yesterday and have 24 hours later made an impressive, but sadly ficitious, £357.65 through judicicious purchasing of Andy Murray and Felippe Massa shares!

I'm also an old-time Doctor Who fan, regular at the Fitzroy Tavern in the late 80s and early 90s, contributor to fanzines and occassional convention attendee. In the 70s I produced a handful of issues of a comics fanzine, 'Pristine Mint' and in the 80s I shudder at the thought of the photocopied Dr Who zine 'Bring Me The Head Of Michael Grade' that, yes, I'm afraid to say bore my editoral signature.

So there we are, a bit of who I am and a little bit of why I'm having a go at blogging. Maybe I'll even draft up something of interest next time the muse fails to get the freelance juices following!


tim 8>)... said...

Great Hawkwind book, Ian. Really
enjoyed reading it; it was worth the trouble of finding a copy in Florida (finally @ the Virgin Megastore in Orlando)

dougggie said...

must recommend you to my neighbour (progger2112 on Livejournal)...

See, we don't all ignore your blog :)

Ian Abrahams said...


See, it's not what you write, it's who you know! 'specially if who you know is the King of Terror himself :-)

PhoenixStarfire said...

Hi Ian,
Hope you've found your muse.
Don't think I'd take a dog to a festival either. None worth going to anyway....not like the old days.....

cosmicdolphin said...

Well Ian all I have so say is you're a lucky bugger for living in Cornwall :-)

We looked at trying to get over for the Exeter HW gig (and some time in Cornwall) but it just wasn't doable. Gack.

I always make sure we have a copy or two of your book in the store, occasionally some random part time schmuck will send them back, but I just keep re-ordering them ;-)

I was flipping through Arthur Browns Biography from SAF in the store the other day, and there's a nice pic of the godofhellfire and his wife taken at our wedding.


Anonymous said...

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